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Goals and Objectives

We take time to listen. Our complimentary elder care “Starter Session” is all about listening.

Family members calling on behalf of elderly family members pick a convenient time for the telephone “Starter Session” consultation. This telephone consultation is for us to listen, and hear what our clients’ elder care objectives are. Then we look for attainable elder care goals. By the end of this consultation the family spokes person is able to make an informed decision to go it alone, or partner with Senior Care Options to achieve these goals. See Services We Provide below.

Corporate clients enquiring on behalf of of colleagues and staff arrange a convenient time for the “Starter Session” consultation telephone meeting. This telephone meeting is to discuss and explore the elder care needs of their colleagues and staff. By the end of this meeting the caller is in a position to recommend hosting an elder care workshop or seminar using one of the Senior Care Options’ menus of topics or to have Mary Ellen Tomlinson work with them to customize a topic. See Seminars/Workshops page.

Services We Provide

Some of our most popular services are:

  • The Empowered Aging Program™ - helping adult children manage elder care and still have a life.
  • Confidential family meetings.
  • Facilitate family discussions around living arrangements (to stay at home or to move), what is available (retirement residences or Long Term Care facilities) and how to start the process.
  • Care management for those whose elder responsibilities have to be done at long distances.
  • Home safety audits.
  • Important and topical elder care presentations, seminars and workshops, in community and corporate settings (see Seminars/Workshops page).

We can also co-ordinate referrals to well respected professionals:

  • Pharmacists.
  • RN's.
  • Memory Therapists.
  • Recreational Therapists.
  • Attendant Care Providers.

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